We are so proud to be working with such an innovative company. Make sure to read more about how American Bright is able to customize motors with LEDs for your specific needs in their April Newsletter below!

Motor Assembly Solutions: Powered by American Bright
Our Brightest Offering…
American Bright not only offers manifold infrared discrete LEDs, but is capable of designing and manufacturing customized IR modules such as motor assemblies and encoder sensors.
We are capable of incorporating the Infrared discrete components with sensor modules, motors and gear boxes into highly customized motor assemblies, applications, such as robotic vacuums, vending machines, conveyors, and medical pill dispenser.
DC Motor Assembly:
The assembly capability we can offer:
Sensor + Encoder Disk
Pulley/ Worm Gear/ Gear Box

Signal types:
Analog signal
Digital signal
Encoder + Motor Assembly
Each optical rotary encoder contains one or two sensors. Each sensor outputs its individual signal, and the sensors outputs are slightly offset from each other, creating slightly offset outputs. The two signals interact differently with the light source,creating a unique optical rotary encoder pattern.

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