Here is an update from our friends at Sentech about LVDTs in Aerospace:

LVDTs and RVDT are low-cost contactless sensors used to help planes fly.

Contactless LVDT sensors are chosen for use in commercial aircraft due to their long operational life and high reliability in extreme operating conditions. Virtually all fly-by-wire systems have built-in redundancy, they can use either multiple single-channel sensors or one multi-channel sensor. Their compact size makes them easy to install and handle, and they operate seamlessly in harsh conditions.

LVDTs and RVDTs play an essential role in modern aviation as these sensors measure various parameters like control, navigation, and monitoring of electronic systems. These Avionic systems include commercial aircraft systems used for navigation and display, communication, searchlights, and other complex tactical systems and early warning signals.

Sentech offers superior repeatability of its LVDT’s and RVDT’s, ensuring consistent and accurate measurements over a long period of its operational life.

With over 30 years in the industry, we are confident Sentech will find a solution for your specific needs. Contact P&C Next today with any inquiries.


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