We are happy to announce another FANtastic addition to our line card, Rosenberg! Yes, we really did just make a fan joke, but we can assure you Rosenberg’s impressive selection of fans will not disappoint you like that pun.

Their product line includes radial fans with backward-curved or forward curved motorized impellers, free-running or mounted in a housing, large axial fans, small axial fans, single and double inlet blowers.

Applications for Rosenberg USA products can be found in HVAC systems (evaporator and condenser fans), chillers and data center cooling, as well as industrial and portable air conditioning; in air cooling for variable frequency drives (VFD), wind power generators and power converters, solar inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), transformers, heat sinks, fan coils, telecom racks and other industrial equipment; in air handling units and fan filter units (FFU); and in railway, marine, military and avionics equipment.

Send us a message for more product details and have a FANtastic Friday!



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