We are so pleased to announce the newest addition to our line card, Sentech. Everyone at P&C Next is so excited to represent such a fantastic company. Sentech designs and manufactures a complete line of induction-based position sensors, tailored for your applications.

At Sentech you will be granted position sensing solutions for a range of applications. All units are non-contact and thus offer excellent reliability, performance, and long life.

Sentech offers many sensing sizes of standard LVDT, RVDT, Fastar, and Hydrastar sensors in AC or DC configurations. You can pair these with a signal conditioner for easy integration.

Don’t miss out on learning about Sentech’s custom designs!

Is your application hazardous? Need pressure-sealed units? Or special mounting blocks? Sentech can design custom transducers and signal conditioners for your special applications.

Please contact us for more details or product inquires and learn more about Sentech on their website.


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